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Eastern Slavic naming customs print that page

The Eastern Slavic naming customsare the traditions for determining a person's name in countries influenced by Russian linguistictradition. This relates to modern Russia , Ukraine , Belarusand Kazakhstan . For exact rules, differences and historical changes, see respective languages and

wikipedia.org | 2011/4/11 2:33:38

Krestianstvo SDK print that page


The main aim of Smotrini is to allow multi-user interactions with shared content on the shared Croquet island just from web browser in real time (from any place, device like smart-phone, low-end machine (sometimes without OpenGL) etc. so, that a connection to the network and http web based

Evgeny Chernikin print that page


отд. биол., т. 85, вып. 5, 1980, с. 10-23. ISSN 0027-1403Черникин Е. М. Значениемышевидных грызунов в биоценотических связях позвоночных животных Баргузинского заповедника.

Giant current ripples print that page


The giant current ripple marks are important depositional forms in diluvialplain and mountain scablands . [ 1 ]Contents1Short history of the research1.1The state of the problem in the 20th century. "Old hypotheses"1.2New hypotheses of the origin of the giant current ripple

Arsania print that page

^ abДревнерусское государство и его международное значение . М., 1965. Стр. 417-418.^George Vernadsky. "Ancient Rus".^ abIgor Dubov . "Города, величеством сияющие". Изд-во Ленинградско

wikipedia.org | 2010/9/25 8:27:35

Tryzuby Stas print that page


Shcherbatykh was born in Altaiin the town of Aleysk(some sources claim Altaisk). His father was Russian, mother - a native Ukrainian. After his father was killed the Sherbatykh family moved to their relatives in Stanislaviv , Ukrainian SSRin summer of 1949. Stanislav's uncle was a warrior

Leningrad (band) print that page


Lekha" (Алексей "Лёха" Канев) - baritone saxophone, alto saxophoneStas BaretskyСтасБарецкий) - dancing and mascot[ edi

Union of the Russian People print that page


The Union of Russian People( Russian : Союз Русского Народа ) — a loyalistright-wingnationalistparty, the most important [ 1 ]among Black-Hundredistmonarchistand antisemiticpolitical organizations in the Russian Empireof 1905–1917.Founded in October

Sart print that page


There are several theories about the origin of the term. It may be derived from the Sanskrit "sarthavaha" (merchant, caravan leader), a term supposedly used by nomads to described settled townspeople. [ citation needed ] . Or it may be a corruption of the Sogdian ethnonym "Soghd." [ citation

Rus' Khaganate print that page


The Rus' Khaganateis a name suggested for a politythat flourished during a poorly-documented period in the history of Eastern Europe(roughly the late 8th and early to mid-9th centuries AD ). [ 1 ]A predecessor to the Rurik Dynastyand the Kievan Rus' , the Rus' Khaganate was a state

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